Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a fantasy-themed miniature game produced by Games Workshop based in the popular Warhammer universe. Set in the third great age of the Mortal Realms, eight planes of reality where magic is abundant in the cosmos, there are none who live here who have not felt the touch of battle and blood.

Chaos, Order, Death, and Destruction - all factions hold ancient associations to one of the Grand Alliances, this is not to say that they will play nice with each other. What faction will you choose? From Aelves to Duardin, all the way through to Rotbringers, there really is something to get your metaphorical teeth into.

With so many armies and factions to discover, fighting for reasons as varied as the realms they reside in, it’ll be difficult to settle on just one - and why should you when building, painting, and gaming different miniatures is all part of the fun.

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